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[israel 2009] The two weeks trip to Israel in 2009 was probably the most educative trip I have ever done. Israel is a great place to visit as a tourist, it offers beautiful landscapes, a richness of cultural impressions and a vibrant city Tel Aviv. However, the true fascination of this country comes to light when you dig deeper and when you take a moment to spend time with, speak to and learn from different people with various ethical, cultural, and religious descent. No book, newspaper, documentary, professor or any other source of information offer you the same platform to form your own opinion than the unfiltered direct interaction with various local people with different backgrounds.

[jerusalem] western wall

[jerusalem] city view

[safed] playing children

[jerusalem] separation

[jerusalem] on a date

[jerusalem] kid

[negev] army training

[jerusalem] police

[jerusalem] cry for hope

[safed] army

[jerusalem] children game

[nazareth] kissing between humans