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[syria 2007] Besides the magnificent historical sites across the country it was the very friendly, most helpful, and extremely generous people that made my trip to Syria unforgettable.

[damascus] praying women

[deir ez-zur] train

[deir ez-zur] observers

[palmyra] soccer players

[aleppo] skyline

[palmyra] temple of bel

[homs] shearer

[palmyra] future generation

[palmyra] young salesman

[palmyra] young salesman II

[aleppo] craftsman

[krak des chevaliers]

[palmyra] head of red cross

[homs] school kids

[aleppo] guide

[damascus] praying women

[aleppo] fish market

[damascus] al-hamidiyah souq

[damascus] praying women III

[al bukamal] discussion round

[al bukamal] street sign